Dr. Leila Zackrison Testimonials

Dr. Leila Zackrison, affectionately called Dr. Z by her patients, has positively impacted thousands of patients’ lives and helped promote a focus on wellness and vitality within the medical community. Throughout the course of her 33-year career in the medical field, Dr. Leila Zackrison has demonstrated a respect for a variety of different medical treatments and techniques ranging from supplemental health to integrative medicine. Well respected in the medical community as a Rheumatologist and specialist in tick-borne diseases, Dr. Leila Zackrison has grown a loyal patient following through years of empathetic practice and successful treatments at Optimal Health Dimensions and Innovative Vitality.

While it is impossible to fully comprehend the numerous ways Dr. Z has positively affected her patients’ lives, one can better understand by reading some of the accounts her patients have written over the years. Below are just a few of the many submissions Dr. Leila Zackrison’s patients have written recounting how her medical treatments have improved their health and wellness.

I have been a patient of Dr. Leila Zackrison for many years, having been referred to her by both my General Practitioner an a friend who was also her patient. Choosing to pursue healthcare via a physician in “complimentary practice” is a choice not entered lightly. The cost can be significant. In my case, I have found the degree of improvement in my overall health and specifically my arthritic condition to be dramatic. Consider, please, the effects of the sudden cessation of services. The interruption of physician services effects everything related to the patient’s interaction with the physician’s office. Finding a way to bridge the interruption to services has been time consuming, costly, very inconvenient and seemingly needless. My own inconvenience pales in comparison to that experienced by more acutely ill patients, and of course, to Dr. Zackrison personally. “ – Patricia L. Casey

“I was unfortunate enough to experience a case of Lyme Disease that went undetected for some time. My general medicine practitioner was really at a loss as to the best way to treat me after the usual run of antibiotics failed to bring about a quick cure. I ended up at optimal Health Dimensions under the care of Dr. Zackrison who confirmed that my sickness was Lyme Disease (LabCorp and Quest lab reports) and then helped to bring me back to full health. The positive impact that Dr. Zackrison and staff had on my life cannot be overstated. My quality of life was dismal until she helped me work through all the issues that Lyme brings about. My health has been restored and I am extremely thankful for that.” – Phillip E. Wieser

“My daughter was experiencing debilitating symptoms including intense pain and limited mobility. I was unable to place long sleeves on her arms or pants on her legs because she experienced such pain as a result. We were almost entirely unable to leave our house as her discomfort and tears seemed to never stop. We missed out on many nights of sleep as this condition gave no relief. We visited with sever MDs prior to Dr. Zackrison. I was repeatedly disappointed with general suggestions that left me with no answers and substandard suggestions for incredibly limited possibilities of resolution.

“Working with Dr. Zackrison has been a hopeful, relieving, and successful journey. She employs excellent observatory skills, superior communicative abilities, and vast experience to postulate an appropriate diagnosis. I have felt throughly confident in all of her suggestions, as all have been confirmed with appropriate lab results. In a relatively short amount of time my daughter is completely relieved of the pain she once experienced, has gained back almost all of the lost strength, and is emotionally happy and relieved of the ills that once robber her of the joy that a child of her age should experience. Dr. Zackrison has been proactive and effective for my daughter’s health.” – Teresa Hardman

“I am a patient advocate for a number of Dr. Zackrison’s patients, have authored two books on Lyme disease management, and lead support groups of Lyme disease patients. I have professionally and personally witnessed the devastation of years of tick borne illnesses, POTS, mycotoxin illness, and parasites on individuals and families. I have known of suicides, bankruptcies, divorce, and social isolation as this cascade of symptoms takes its toll on society.

I have observed Dr. Zackrison’s excellent diagnostics skills and compassionate care. She researched all protocols and ensures patients have regular follow-up appointments to assess progress and adjust protocols if necessary. She has helped so many people who had not responded to other therapies experience improved health, probably saving many lives in the process.

I have experience with over 200 clients and can tell you that there are very few doctors out there who will do the legwork needed to discern why the patient hasn’t responded to other therapies.” –Marjorie Mac Arthur Vega, Patient Consultant

“During the fall of 2017, our younger daughter began experiencing sudden and debilitating episodes of anxiety. We first became aware of the problem within a week of her starting the 6th grade. She began experiencing crippling panic attacks, fits of rage and an almost complete inability to accomplish normal activities of daily living. She could not even leave the house without experiencing debilitating fear and accompanying racing heart and hyperventilation.  These symptoms were completely out of character for our daughter who previously participated in theater, dance, and was a straight “A” student. As we told one medical doctor, it was as if someone had simply flipped a switch the change was so sudden and so dramatic. Our daughter had to begin home school and was always on the verge of panic or rage.

We struggled for two years going from one doctor to another looking for any answers that would help our daughter. Even getting her an appointment was an all-day affair that could be overwhelming for everyone involved. We saw a psychiatrist who diagnosed her with anxiety and depression. She was prescribed numerous psychotropic drugs that had little to no affect. Some would cause her to become almost zombie-like, but never reducing her anxiety of rage nor giving her any hope of living a normal life.

After two years of doctors, counseling, drugs, and failure, we heard about Dr. Z. Dr. Z was the first medical professional to give our daughter a complete and thorough exam. She was the first to provide any insight into our daughter’s condition. She was the first doctor who was able to alleviate the crippling anxiety our daughter was suffering under. She was also the first to point out numerous other neurological symptoms that we and the other doctors had missed. These symptoms included problems with her eyesight, dyskinesia, and heart issues. Dr. Z prescribed a serious of antibiotics for our daughter .While she is currently in the middle of a proposed yearlong treatment, the effect is already an answered prayer…She has made progress under Dr. Z’s care.” – Amy Campbell, LMSW