Leila Zackrison MD

Welcome to LeilaZackrison.com, a website dedicated to the admirable career of Leila Zackrison MD, Rheumatologist, dietary supplement advocate, and regenerative medicine provider. Throughout her thirty-three years in the medical field, Dr. Zackrison has served not only as a respected Rheumatologist and Physician but also as a Medical Director and Managing Director for Optimal Health Dimensions as well as Managing Director for Innovative Vitality. Dr. Zackrison has been recognized within her field for her specialization in tick-borne diseases, autoimmune illnesses, chronic illnesses, and her approach to individualized care and the use of integrative and regenerative medicine approaches.

Leila Zackrison MD Educational Background

Dr. Zackrison’s interest in integrative and patient-oriented medicine first began while attending Loma Linda University School of Medicine medical school. Known for its advanced technology and service-oriented medical care, while studying at Loma Linda University School of Medicine, Dr. Leila Zackrison first gained a wider understanding and appreciation for different treatment, and integrative medicine approaches. After graduating from Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 1988, Dr. Z would earn a fellowship at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington D.C., where she would study Rheumatology and numerous musculoskeletal diseases and systemic autoimmune conditions. During her time at Georgetown University Medical Center, Dr. Zackrison’s aptitude for diagnosing and treating patients with Lyme disease would be acknowledged by colleagues and specialists. Today, Dr. Zackrison is recognized as a specialist in tick-borne diseases and has helped treat thousands of patients from her medical practices within the Fairfax area.

Medical Specialization of Dr. Leila Zackrison

Medical Specialization of Dr. Leila Zackrison

A large number of Dr. Z’s patients first sought out her treatment after contracting Lyme disease. Lyme disease, otherwise known as borreliosis, is a tick-borne illness caused by the transfer of the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi through animal contact and insect bites. Those who have contracted Lyme Disease frequently report fever, soreness, joint pain, fatigue, and rashes in the shape of a bulls-eye pattern (erythema migrans). Lyme disease’s common flu-like symptoms have made it a notoriously difficult disease to diagnose. As a result, thousands of people each year remain undiagnosed or misdiagnosed with a similar medical ailment such as chronic fatigue syndrome, M.S., or depression. Since 1999, Dr. Zackrison has seen more than 1500 Lyme disease patients each year and has been recognized for her exceptional skill in identifying and treating patients who have contracted Lyme disease. As a result, undiagnosed patients from across the country have been known to make the voyage to Fairfax, Virginia, in hopes of being properly diagnosed and treated for the debilitating effects of Lyme disease. 

Optimal Health Dimensions and Innovative Vitality 

Today, Dr. Leila Zackrison serves as Managing Director for both Optimal Health Dimensions and Innovative Vitality. Located in Fairfax, Virginia, Optimal Health Dimensions is an integrative health care practice that offers modern medical technologies and healing techniques originating from countries all over the world. Optimal Health Dimensions offers a wide variety of services, including:

  • Clinical age management
  • Infusion therapies
  • Homeopathic therapy
  • Colon hydrotherapy
  • Bio-identical hormone therapy
  • Pre-pregnancy optimization
  • Ozone therapy
  • Herbal therapy
  • Lifestyle and healthy nutrition

Since its foundation in 1993, Dr. Zackrison has worked as a Managing Director, helping medical professionals and medical societies clients receive Functional Medicine training on the management of acute and chronic medical conditions. In 2001, after seeking out additional ways to help the Fairfax community connect with different integrative medicines, Dr. Leila Zackrison made the decision to split her time between Optimal Health Dimensions and new medical group practice, Innovative Vitality.

For almost twenty years, Innovative Vitality has provided Virginians the highest grade nutraceuticals, otherwise known as pharmaceutical grade natural supplements and products, as well as protein powders and natural antibiotics. While nearly 67% of American adults use dietary supplants, public knowledge relating to other natural supplements and their benefits remains low. The majority of supplements purchased within the United States are vitamin and mineral supplements, while other specialty supplements are frequently overlooked. One of the Innovative Vitality missions is to educate Virginians on the many different categories of supplements and how these supplements can improve exercise, reduce the likelihood of developing a cold, and help minimize anxiety.

Dr. Leila Zackrison ‘s Volunteer Work 

While practicing medicine and lecturing on various healing techniques have long been passions of Dr. Leila Zackrison, this past year, Dr. Z made the announcement to both colleges and patients that she would be pursuing another lifelong goal, volunteer work. Within the fall of 2020, Dr. Zackrison made the 15-hour journey from Virginia to Ghana in order to introduce the various health benefits of dietary supplements to Ghana citizens. Today, Ghana’s cities offer citizens a wide variety of health care options. However, access to supplements and regenerative medicine remains limited. In the Ghana countryside, Ghanaians have less access to healthcare and will travel long distances to visit doctors or rely on old medicinal remedies. During her time in Ghana, Dr. Zackrison hopes to visit Ghanaians in both rural and urban areas and share her knowledge regarding supplements and different ailments. Dr. Zackrison has long been an advocate for supplement use within healthcare and, while working at Innovative Vitality, has helped a great number of patients with chronic ailments through different supplement treatments. 

Within the past few years, the United States has seen large-scale changes within the healthcare landscape and a rise in the popularity of supplements and non-western medical systems. While there continues to be an increasing number of supplement educational resources made available to the American public, Dr. Leila Zackrison recognizes that the average American citizen remains largely uninformed to the benefits of supplement health treatments and integrative medicine. For most of the American public, there remains widespread misinformation relating to supplement treatments and the differences between regulated and non-regulated supplements. For this reason, Dr. Z hopes to use this site as a resource for those looking to learn more about the regulation of supplements, regenerative medicine, and various advancements and treatments within integrative medicine. 

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